23 comments on “Music Video picture

  1. This is very different, and scary. You put a crazy twist on the actual guy from the video. He has cool tattoos.

  2. I think the design is cool. The guy has big hands which is good cuz its like the video. If i changed one thing, it would probably be the colors and his face just because its a little creepy ahha

  3. good job making the hands big. I would just change the person a little to make him look more like the guy in the video. Other than that great job!

  4. I like what you did with the hands and I like that the background is pretty plain but what his wearing, along with the buttons on his shirt and the way he looks don’t really make sense.

  5. I like the image because it is funny and weird.I like the huge hands.Maybe make the arms thicker and more realistic. Good stuff

  6. this looks awesome! its really original and it still depicts the video while also being original.the only criticism would be maybe do a bettter job cutting out everything…but it looks awesome otherwise! great job

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